Our company was established in 2009 by Jan Kubik, its founder and owner. From the very beginning, the company became a leader in the motorization market in terms of selling car seats. Our fundamental aim is first and foremost meeting customers' expectations, earning their trust and fulfilling demands of the ordered products. Our range is regularly increased by selling seats intended for delivery vehicles, trucks and coaches. Apart from sales, our focus is also placed on the purchase and car seat replacement. Needless to say, the offer includes new and unused seats for a variety of makes as well. Furthermore, we provide services concerning seat renovation. Very often, recognized vehicle service centres and vehicle bodywork companies make use of our services. Our offer consists of wholesale and retail sales.
The headquarters is situated in Śląsk Opolski (Opole Silesia). The company has its own large warehouse at its disposal. Moreover, our products are delivered to all European countries, with the permanent directions including Austria (Vienna), Germany (Munich, Berlin and Dortmund), Holland (Nijmegen) and Denmark (Randers). The customer only makes the payment once the order is delivered to a designated place. The products are either delivered by our own transport or by courier (the payment is made to the courier).

We warmly invite you to use our services.
Jan Kubik